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40 Foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans | SPECIAL FREE BONUS

40 Foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans USA 2021, Shipping containers are a significant part of the transport and shipping industry. At any given time, about 20,000,000 shipping containers traveling across the globe. There is various kind of shipping containers built every hour for transporting cargo and stuffs around the world. In addition, all these shipping containers are superior and more robust materials like steel, aluminum, fiber-reinforced polymer, etc. 

Now, you all will be astonished to know that these shipping containers are not only use for transporting purposes. These substantial material shipping containers are also utilized to build your dream house. Sounds crazy, right? I am sure whenever you will be thinking about a shipping container home. You might think of it as a garage with improper spacing and architecture. But this is entirely false. A well-maintained shipping container home has proven to be just like your traditional home and sometimes even better.

Best 40 Foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans | Get 4 Amazing Books

So, In this article, we will discuss various 8 Best 40 Foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans that are efficient, sustainable, spacious, and are design with amazing home design planner software.

1. Nomad living guest house

40foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans
40foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

This wonderful 40foot shipping container house is located in Vale da Vila, Portugal. The shipping container home planner of this incredible guest house is Aarssen from Studio Arte. However, the key feature of this ‘Nomad living’ is an expansive deck that runs along the front of the dwelling, extending the narrow space outwards, opening up the house’s interior via large glass sliding doors. This multipurpose house can serve as your holiday home as well as your home office.

2. North Branch Container Cottage

‘North Branch’ as it is called, is a two-storeyed container home with a 4foot gap between the containers. It is located in rural New York and is design by Tim Steele. The upper floor is marshal around an open kitchen and a south-facing deck. The lower floor is the master suite connected by a spiral stair with the upper floor. It is the best example of an effective way of stacking the containers and working with the building site.

3. Manifesto House

40foot Shipping Container Home Floor Plans

The shipping container home floor plan of this modular architecture is based on recycled, reused, and non-polluting materials. It is located in Curacavi, Chile. It is built with only two 20′ and two 40′ shipping containers. The house has large openings on both sides of the living room, providing incredible cross ventilation. The shipping container home planner of this eco-friendly house is James and Mou.

4. Containers of Hope

This tremendous and inexpensive house is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was built with only two 40′ storage containers. The shipping container home cost was only $40,000, which is very reasonable compare to your traditional house. The house was designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe architecture firm. The house is designed in a way to maximize space and provide proper cross ventilation.

5. Klip River Cabin

It is one of the most beautiful shipping container houses built in Cape Town, South Africa. The shipping containers assembled in a U-shape with an enclosed area in between, made from a sloped roof that includes a loft. This cabin was built on a plot of 4000sq. Meters.

6. Front porch living by Custom Container living

This model is perfect for those who want to hold on to an attractive but tiny house. It sits on a 320 square feet area. It is made up of a single 40foot shipping container. The front porch extends from the end of the house, and the front porch leads to the living room. As well as, the center of the house has two glass doors. One door opens to the exterior of the home and the other to the wooden stair leading to a lofted room. The back of the house has a kitchen and a bathroom.

7. The Home Cube by Rhino Cubed

One of the most incredible 40foot shipping container homes on a 320 square foot area also has a foldaway queen bed and a lot of cabinets and closet space. However, the main entrance is from the shorter side of the house. It contains a small kitchen with a washer, dryer, and dishwasher if desired.

8. Studio+ by Lucky drops

This eco-friendly shipping container home features incredible modern interiors that you can not even wonder about. However, sits on a 287 square feet area. Moreover, incorporates one galley kitchen and one bedroom with excellent lighting and space. The bathroom leads to the bedroom at the far end of the home.

Why should one prefer a shipping container?

If your country or state allows you to possess a shipping container home, then you have a lit of reasons to think about having one.

Firstly, it is cost-effective. It allows you to be debt-free and live the life of your dreams.

Secondly, it enhances your creativity as you can design a home yourself using a shipping container. There are various DIY available on the internet that can help you in the same.

Thirdly, they are eco-friendly. You have got a chance to be a boon for this environment. Since these houses are made up of shipping containers and other recyclable stuff, it offers you to contribute towards sustainable living. 

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