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Best CRM for email marketing

Did you know that about 73% of the millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email? Its pocket-friendly and action-oriented nature make it one of the most effective options available to generate revenue online.

Trust me, it is much easier to build an audience through mailing lists than social media influences and crowd- funding.

Mailing lists can be maintained through your email account or by using some word press plugins, but there are a lot of companies offering paid or free email marketing services.

Finding Best CRM for email marketing that is the most suitable for you could be really frustrating! So, I can suggest some of the best email marketing services available online.


GetResponse provides you a platform comprising a suite of email marketing and online campaign management tools intended to assist you to increase your sales, maximize ROI and succeed in online marketing.

It is one of the best email marketing companies that provide you 24/7 customer support. I personally love this tool because of the following features: –

Spam-free zone – It assures that your emails reach the customers’ inbox
and not land up in their junk folder. It claims to give us 99% email

Autoresponders – This feature helps your subscribers improve their skills or reach their goals with dedicated and relevant offers. You can
program your autoresponders to create tailor-made series for your
buyers that perfectly match their needs and interests.

Email templates – They provide loads of pre-designed email templates
that you can select according to your need.

Perfect timing and time travel – Bulk email marketing services are
successful and relevant only if they maintain the ongoing engagement with your recipients by always being on time. They assure it with this feature that the customers get your emails at the best and the same local time in every time zone. Great, isn’t it?

RSS to Email – Boosting your blogs through the emails is really easy with
this feature. You can share your blogs automatically using email marketing and social media and boost your blog results immediately. They have about 30 predesigned RSS-to-email templates that can be customized at your will.

It has 2 special characteristics that make it even more useful than “Smart
Distribution” and “Social Sharing”. With smart distribution, you can choose whether you want to send your blog posts as soon as it gets published or aggregate them into daily, weekly and monthly digests. Using social sharing, you can instantly increase your reach to your fans and followers, keeping them engaged and boost your social traffic by auto-sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

This bulk email marketing service has revolutionized the world of online marketing for me. Don’t just sit and read. Go try it yourself for free! After the trial is over you can resume the service by choosing your desired plan options starting just from $15/mo.



This is another great Best CRM for an email marketing platform that has helped over 100,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails people love. The fascinating part is this tool is simple to use yet powerful to work with.

It provides us some of the unique and alluring features, let us have a look at
those: –

Smart designer – They have an AI-powered email template designer that
automatically creates amazing brand emails in just a few seconds.

Landing page creator – They also can also create visually-stunning
landing pages that get your business online quickly. You don’t even have
to do any coding! the tool does it all for you. Having interesting landing
pages can enhance your leads by 55 percent.

Free template library – They have an insanely large pre-built template

Email automation – They automate your bulk email campaigns by
assigning triggers. They assure that the right email is delivered to the right person at the right time. For better identification of the right audience, people are tagged in your lists. This personalizes and smoothens the communication between you and the target audience and also saves a lot of your precious time.

Pre-built analytics and reporting – They have pre-built analytics and
reporting for you to understand your audience better. It consists of Key
Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are user-friendly, thus can be interpreted by anybody. You can also get reports on your mobiles through the AWeber Stats app.

If you are a beginner in Best CRM for email marketing and wondering how to get a hold of this, try this tool now. They give you 30 days of fully-supported trials for free. And later you continue the service by opting for desired plans starting just with $19/mo.

You must be wondering if going for an email marketing service really needed. So, here’s why choosing the best email marketing services important?

80% of business professionals believe that Best CRM for email marketing booms customer retention.

But it is possible only if the right techniques and strategies are used, else you will land up sending all your emails in their junk folder!
The best email marketing software analyses the right target audience for you and provides you multiple new leads fast.

Many people hesitate because they think email marketing companies charge a lot but it is a myth. You can really find affordable email marketing services and even get to try them for free.

Best CRM for email marketing services best work when you know the basics yourself, several companies also provide webinars for beginners like GetResponse.

These services also connect you to e-commerce websites such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop to sell your products directly from your cart. Once the customers buy your product, they immediately send the order confirmation emails to the customers.

You can even promote the limited-time offers right after the customer’s purchase. They follow a proper conversion funnel that gets you the leads, turn them into your fans and followers, and eventually the buyers! Email marketing services free you from all the tensions of organizing and managing the mail lists.

Why wait if you want your business to grow online fast and easily? Try it yourself and flourish.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

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