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Best Shipping Container Home Design Software USA 2021

Shipping Container Home Design Software | SPECIAL FREE BONUS

Shipping Container Home Design Software, The idea of a shipping container home is increasing immensely. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Everyone wants to save the world. Don’t you? And the best way is to add something in your life to prevent our mother earth from collapsing. Building a house by utilizing these recycle, reusable and non-polluting materials and containers can be your first step towards saving the world. DIY shipping container home tips might help you build one for yourself.

You don’t need to take high home loans anymore. You can create your own house by using these shipping containers. It can prove to be the best way of enhancing your creative skills. You can convert these giant boxes into your mansion or a small but beautiful house. There is a lot of shipping container home planner waiting for you asking them for their assistance. They all go through the same guides and software. So, why not research yourself before moving to some shipping container home planner.

Here we have explained:

5 Best Shipping Container Home Design Software | Get lifetime updates for FREE

1. 3D ISBU Shipping Container Home Design Software

For all those people whose mind is constantly searching for the answer to the question ‘how to built your shipping container home?‘ this software is the solution. The use of this software is increasing day by day.

The key attributes of this software are:

1. You can experience the visual reality of the 3D models that you will create.

2. The navigation of the software’s user interface is pretty simple.

3. The details of the 3D models that you will create are enhanced.

2. Packvol 

This is the best software to maximize the space in your container house. It is optimization software that is used for a spacious arrangement inside your truck and containers.

Some of the features are listed below:

1. It reduces transportation cost by 5% to 20%

2. It reduces freight costs and time wastes in setting up cost-effective load plan proposals for customers.

3. It reduces the time spent on planning and drafting orders.

4. It improves space utilization.

5. It improves the readability of load planning and documentation as well.

3. Live Home 3D Pro

It is another virtual home design software that enables you to design your interior and exterior of your home. This software can be used on both Mac and windows.

The key features are:

1. It can automatically adjust natural light by setting the time and geographic location.

2. There is no limit to design the number of stores.

3. It supports 2D floor plans and real-time 3D rendering.

4. It enables the use of photos for fully personalizing the design.

5. It can also export the design of your house to 3DS, FBX, OBJ, VRDL, and X3D formats.

4. Shipping Container House Plans 1.1

Do you want to build your house quickly? Then this is exactly the software you are looking for. This software helps you to create a 3D model of your dream house very quickly and swiftly. The first-time users won’t be facing any trouble in using it.

Let us check out the key features:

1. It is part of the graphics app.

2. This program is also available in English.

3. It speeds up the designing process and compatible with the systems running windows.

4. It requires a separate style plug-in mouse and makes sure that the mouse pad inside your laptops won’t work for 3D.

5. It requires a 3D graphics card installed on your PC.

6. The website has an easy download option. So, you need not go through complications to download this software.

5. Floor planner

This software was created for the creation of the floorplan of the shipping home container. It provides trouble-free file sharing on social media.

Some key features are:

1. The intuitive control panel and object library help in quick designing for someone with no CAD experience.

2. It enables you to sketch individual rooms by drawing single walls.

3. The cartoonish furniture library gives us a break from the conventional lines and shapes.

4. It enables you to customize the size and shape as desired.


The shipping containers are like LEGO bricks. You can stack them and build them into your creative manner. The shipping container home plans offer you a wide variety of excellent interior and exterior designs. And through these shipping container home design software, you can give your creative idea a visual shape.

And then you can start putting your efforts into providing that visual idea a life. All this software is widely used by many architects and shipping container home planners around the world. They offer an easy and quick method of designing your house. And the features help you to add a lot more to your primary idea.

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