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Glenn Maxwell and Daniel Christian face online abuse after RCB defeat in the Eliminator

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Social media hasn’t ever been a kind place. It gets worse when you’re a public figure or a famous celebrity. Over the years, we have seen several cases of cricketers being abused on their social media handles after having a bad time or even a bad day on the field. There have been several instances when popular cricketers have even got death threats on social media for performing poorly. In today’s day and age of the rise of mental health awareness and world unity, such doings are not encouraged or appreciated by anyone. However, some fanatics and supporters of a team continue to do it. The most recent example of it has to be the social media abuses received by the RCB all-rounders Dan Christian and Glenn Maxwell. After having a bad day on the eliminatior. They were abused on social media.

Dan Christian also mentioned that his wife was a victim of these abuses as well. He took to his Instagram story and posted a story of how he and his wife were facing abuses on their Instagram handles. “Check out the comments section of my partner’s Instagram post. I didn’t have a great game tonight, but that’s a sport. However please, leave her out of it,” said Christian. Similarly Glenn Maxwell posted a long post about him being abused on Instagram as well as Twitter. “Thank you to the REAL fans that shared love and appreciation for the players giving their all! Unfortunately, there are some horrible people that make social media a horrible place to be. It is unacceptable!!! Please don’t be like them!!!” he said.

Glenn Maxwell and Daniel Christian face online abuse after RCB defeat in the Eliminator

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In a tweet he put out an hour later, Maxwell said: “If you comment abuse on one of my teammates/friends social media with negative/abusive rubbish, you will be blocked by everyone. What is the point of being a terrible person? There is no excuse!!!” Read his Tweet. KKR posted a video of wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik talking about social media abuse. “I feel sometimes that social media needs to be a kinder place.

I think people don’t realize the gravity of what they say, be it memes, videos, or just the use of words. It’s a spur of the moment thing for them, instinctively what they feel they just put out there,” he said. The video was posted with the message: “Say NO to hate-mongering. Cricketers are subjected to online abuse way too often. It’s high time we take a strong stand against it. Victories and Losses are a part of any sport. We stand by you @RCBTweets @danchristian54 @Gmaxi_32. We’ve been there too”

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