How to Start a blog in India? For Beginners (Best Guide)

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How to Start a blog in India?

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Blogging is one of those activities that most people don’t associate with a career path. But truthfully, the people that don’t think it’s a career path, simply don’t understand the power that bloggers have.

It’s been a huge debate whether blogging can be a “real job”, Whether it can be a “real career” or Do you want to learn How to start a blog in India and make money from it? The answer yes it can be a real career. It gives you complete financial independence.

How to Start a blog in India

Bloggers and influencers are creative professionals and it’s not just a creative professional, it’s a major multi-tasking thing professional.

In today’s age influencers and bloggers have become a huge internal part of digital society. Nowadays there is no marketing plan that doesn’t include influencers and blogger’s pens.

You can work with brands and other companies. And I am not just talking about the influence that bloggers have on their audience, I am talking about the earning power that bloggers have. One thing to keep in mind is of you are starting a blog, you are really launching a business, once you do this, you are an entrepreneur.

The thing about it though and congrats to you for this that the startup cost is very low and more like free. Technically speaking you don’t even need a college education to be able to do this.

But it’s going to start slow, as you create a blog today it’s going to start slow but things do grow over time and what you gonna realise is that your ability to make more money expands with the more traffic you have coming to your website.

When you start a blog realize that you are not just writing a blog in a corner, think of like you are starting a business and treat it like it, be serious about it. Next question in everyone’s mind if they want to start a blog is ” how much do bloggers make?”.

Realistically in the first year of your business, you are not gonna make a ton of money because you are really gonna figure thing out, juggling things, trying your things in different ways. But it’s okay, everybody does that.

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In order to be a successful blogger first you need to have:

  1. You need to have good writing skills. If you can’t write then you can not do much in blogging. It doesn’t mean you can’t do, you can take writing classes or you can practice getting a better hand on it. But you have to be a pretty good writer.
  2. You also need to be hard working. You absolutely have to work hard for your blog. You can not just reach the top just like that, you have to work harder for it and make money from a blog.
  3. Also, patience is a very good quality if you have to be a blogger. Because at first, you are not going to see really much success. You can make your free blog on
  4. You also need to be stubborn. You need to believe that you are gonna succeed and you need to stubborn enough to keep pushing and hardworking even though you don’t see good results because in time as you continue to work hard for those results.
  5. Best skill for a blogger to have is the ability to network not just in person but also through email. Being able to connect with people.

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There are a lot of advancement opportunities and choose blogging as a carrer. You need to work for yourself because there are no promotions in this. Growth is 100 percent dependent on your shoulders. It may lead to other opportunities like speaking or consulting.

How will you work/life balance? You may not seek time as much as you think. And if you are doing it right, you will get addicted. Need to work very hard at first.

Blogging as a Career

So what is Internet flooded with today? With many answers coming up in our minds there’s also one called “Blogs” or Blogging and yes! Blogs have become a new passion for many people around the globe.

Being a blogger doesn’t require any sort degree or technical skills. Yes, it could be technical but if you follow the steps which we’re going to share it will definitely ease you’re of becoming a famous blogger!

Following these directions will assistance to kick-start the blogging career and you may become one of the most famous entities I’m the Blogging Industry. So let’s learn How to start a blog in India?

Steps to begin with our first Blog:

Step 1. Choose a name for the blog & get a blog hosting site:

.COM @ Rs.149 for 1st year

To start with the blog we require a domain name(blog’s name). A simple, catchy & unique domain name can already promise a number of viewers as it gets inscribed in the head. You can use sites like domainwheel & nameboy if struggling with a good domain name.

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With a good domain name, we’ll require a good hosting site which can keep our blog in the presence of the world. BigRock can be a good choice because of their reliability, minimal cost and outstanding customer service.

Step 2. Adding up WordPress to your blog

Installing WordPress will be next step and that will be not even required to be done separately as the web hosting sites we’ve recommended already does the work for you.

It’s time to build!

Step 3. Adding up theme to your blog

Themes can add a personal touch to your blog adding up to its charms
If a theme is appropriately used according to your niche then it increases the positive response for the blog and can attract much larger audience.

So here we have listed some of the most popular and favorite themes:

i) Astra –

It’s a free theme available for WordPress and well suited for personal blogs, business blogs and even e-commerce. It supports multiple languages so translation wouldn’t be a problem and with built-in Woo-Commerce, we can add an online store to the blog as well.

ii) OceanWP –

With many premium-like features, OceanWP has been quite popular as well. It comes with its own companion plug-in and also recommends a free page builder when activated.

It also provides features like multiple layout choices, 2 navigation menus, custom logo support and many more it’s a good choice for your blog. It is free, so we don’t even need to worry about spending those extra bucks;)

After downloading the theme we just have to enter in Bluehost, log in through WordPress, click on Appearance and then theme, tap on upload and finally Activate it!

Step 4 Adding Plug-in

If we’ve started with the blog we must know how to gather traffic and have a track for it as well. But adding too many plug-ins would just compromise with your site speed so just sticking to the basic yet best one’s would be the option for us. Here are the two plugins that we should add in our blog:

→Yoast SEO – A powerful tool which makes our site search engine friendly. It helps to set target keywords, control titles and meta descriptions. It keeps tracks of how often we’re using the keywords and managing the sitemaps and much more. It does have a premium extension for extra functionality but as a beginner, these should be enough.

→ MonsterInsights – It’s the most used Google analytics Dashboard plugin which not only helps to know about the audience approaching our blog but also what type of audience is approaching. With reports like Audience Report, Behaviour Report, content report, search console report, and much more we get to know exactly what to and how to target our viewers and get their attention.

For an additional benefit we can also add plugin like MailChimp to boost your blog’s popularity through mails.

Yippie! We have a full fledged working blog.

With everything set-up on position now comes the actual fun. Here are a few important things to work on for our blog:

  1. Niche – Starting with the basics, what should be the blog about? That’s the question you have to think of before you start working on it. Once you’ve fixed on one subject, research on it and make a basic plan on what you want to talk.
  2. Content – A good content is planned content. Placing each content properly with different pages like About page, Start here page, review page etc will not only make the blog user friendly but also very professional.
  3. Images – Adding high-quality images with relevance with your content will act as a cherry on the cake! Images make it better understandable and relatable.
  4. Driving Traffic – Understand the nature of your audience and plan your content according to them. This will ensure the blog’s health is maintained and if people really like your blog they will recommend it to their friends, family or colleagues which increases its demand even MORE!
  5. Social media – Social media can increase the reach of your blog. Instagram, Twitter & Facebook are the most popular social media platform to promote your blog.
  6. Frequency – Writing and publishing a new post at least once per week will be a good way to drive and build an audience steadily.

The blog doesn’t have to be very unique or out of the world. It should be something which tickles your interest and other’s interest as well.

If a blog gets a good response and reaches to a huge number of people then it can become the main source of income for bloggers!

Some of the most popular bloggers: Amit Agarwal ( Labnol), Pritam Nagrale( Money connexion), Shraddha Sharma ( YourStory), Nandini Shenoy( PinkVilla), and counting have shown that blogging can be an excellent career choice if done correctly!

Being a blogger gives you the freedom to choose your way of life and doesn’t stick you to the 4*4 cabin life. We hope to see you in the Top Bloggers list as well!! So start BLOGGING!!!!

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