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Puppy Training To Eliminate Bad Behavior and Create the Obedient, Well-Behaved Pet of your Dreams USA 2021

Puppy Training To Eliminate Bad Behavior of Dog USA 2021

Importance of puppy training to eliminate bad behavior of dog and Create the obedient, well-behaved pet of your dreams.

Owning a puppy brings us joy and companionship. It also gives us a sense of pride and gives a lift to your life. When we plan to adopt a puppy, we all dream of having a well-behaved one, especially when we have small children and all in our family. So it is essential to train the puppies.

What is puppy training? | Unlocking Your Dog’s Natural Intelligence

It is the persistent way of alternating the behavioral patterns of a puppy. They have a critical period of socialization from the age of 3 to 17 weeks. In this socialization process, they learn social cues and how to communicate with other dogs.

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An uncontrollable pet can be a nuisance. When the puppy continuously disobeys you, you should understand that the puppy has some significant behavioral issues. And this behavioral change can generate great stress and strain between the pet and its handler.

Giving Proper pet training is the only remedy for this. After all, a properly trained dog is the responsibility of every pet owner. Practical puppy training improves the pet’s quality of life and ensures the pet and the owner’s safety. So it is imperative to train the puppies.

Why is it essential to train the puppies?

First and foremost, proper training provides mental stimulation to your puppy. Anything that activates or enriches the mind is called a mental stimulus. Stimulation can come up both internally and externally.

We can give mental stimulation to puppies in different ways, such as taking them for a walk, providing interactive games, delivering toys to them, and so on. It keeps your puppy active, energetic as well as happy throughout the day.

Both the puppy and the pet owner benefits from the training. It helps you to spend more time with your puppy. It helps to enhance the bonding between the puppy and its owner. Spending a lot of time together also helps to know the wants and needs of your pet.

Training at home | Get 7 Trick Training Videos

We can start reward-based training at home. It has a very positve outcome and intensifies the relationship between the puppy and its owner. Reward-based training or positive reinforcement training means giving rewards for the excellent act or behavior of the puppy.

It can be of a verbal appreciation like ‘good puppy’ or ‘excellent etc. Or tips can be in the form of food, toys, taking them for a walk, and so on. It helps to increase the trust and communication between you and your puppy.

Reward-based training also includes ignoring any unwanted or threatening behavior. If a dog is not rewarded for any bad behavior, then it stops doing that particular action.

Time to start training | Get Risk-FREE Trial Preview

Training can be started between the age of 3 to 17 weeks. Many of you might be thinking, is it ok to start puppy training after 17 weeks, or what will happen if you give them training after 17 weeks of age?

Even though it is commonly said to be that older dogs cannot be trained as pups, we can teach them by using new tricks. For some breeds, you may find it challenging to train because, after these 17-20 weeks, they will be in their growing period, so some may find it challenging to teach them.

So that itself it is always recommended to start training at 7-8 weeks.

Session includes

In this training, session puppies are tutored basic cues such as sit, come, no, stay. Then crate training. After they are trained not to bite and finally potty training.

Significant Benefits of puppy training

  • Puppy training is both a learning and unlearning process in which they learn the cues and get socialized with the other dogs, and most importantly, they are taught to unlearn the unwanted behaviours in puppies. Some of the dog breeds are aggressive in nature.
  • If the puppy is not adequately trained, the owner finds it difficult to control the pup. It might attack everyone, might bark for hours, and turn out to be a source of stress for the pet owner.

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  • We can take a well-behaved dog wherever we go without hesitation. Since we can adequately control the trained dogs very quickly, we can handle them when they are unrestrained.
  • A well-trained dog behaves admirably in public places. In this training process, the dogs are prepared to adapt themselves to any social setting.
  • It is learned to respect borders, get more comfortable, and communicate better with the other dogs. Interactions with other dogs always have a positive outcome.

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  • The owner doesn’t need to worry when you have to leave your pup alone at home for a while. A properly tutored puppy will also serve other’s commands in your absence. So the handler doesn’t have to despair about handing over your puppy’s charge to some other. 

The lack of proper training among dogs results in

  • They will show some significant behavioral issues such as digging, jumping up, chewing, snatching, etc.
  • Untrained dogs are more threatening. A puppy that is not controlled by using simple verbal commands develops a backslide on bad habits. If your puppy is obedient and can be controlled by the cues, its behavior doesn’t worry people. 
  • Statistics prove that untrained dogs form weaker bonds with their owner. While well trained behaviourally sound pet shares more bond with the owner. 

So it is always good to give proper training to your puppy; begin as soon as you can with the help of a professional trainer for a healthy and happy life for your pup.

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