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What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor?

What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor? A gamer always seeks out a way to enhance his gaming experience to gain an edge against his opponents. In order to outsmart your rival, the wisest way is to choose the best gaming monitor. The reason why a gaming PC is preferred over a regular one is its technological capabilities for outstanding graphics.

What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor?
What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor?

If you want to enjoy The Witcher 3with crystal clear quality, then you’re going to need a gaming monitor that holds an edge over the rest. To make your choice easier, we have listed all the ingredients that What to Look for in a gaming monitor.

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Resolution is one of the most substantial aspects to consider when purchasing a gaming monitor. The number of pixels that can fit inside a display depends on how big a gaming PC is, and the more pixels, the higher the resolution. Gamers today might make-do with a 1080p monitor, but if you want to make it to the top in leaderboards of Battlefield1, then you’ll have to at least invest in a QHD monitor.

2. Screen size

An avid gamer would suggest you to a monitor that’s at least 20 inches or more in width. While monitors with 27-32 inches are getting more common, it is ideal for sticking to that doesn’t exceed 27. This is because employing a huge monitor will need you to move your eyes all across the screen to play. While with smaller screen size, you can just focus in the middle of the screen and capture everything. 

3. Graphics card

When finding the best gaming monitor, you must consider the graphic card that you plan on purchasing. The kind of graphics card you own will determine the type of monitor you acquire. If you aim to buy a high response-rate monitor, you will have to pair it up with a powerful graphics card to enhance your performance in the game.

4. Refresh rate and response time

Do you aim to gain crack shots in Call of Duty or Destiny, then a high refresh rate is a must!

A refresh rate determines how frequently your monitor updates. This will lead to a significantly smoother experience, especially for shooting games.

Lower response time can hamper your performance and keep you from having a competitive advantage against your opponent. Hence, you must get a gaming monitor that offers a response time of not more than 5ms. If you can get your hands at one with a 1ms response time, then that would be perfect.

5. 4K or QHD

Nothing beats the quality of a 4K display. Besides having a perk to brag about the quality with your friends, you also get to slay the mythical beasts in God of War the way you really should.

If you’re perplexed about whether you should buy a 4K or a QHD, then it all really boils down to your preference. While high definition (HD) was once the hallmark for displays a few years ago, four times that resolution should be more than enough to suffice your gaming requirements.

6. Panel technology

There are a plethora of panel technologies that you can make a choice from. If you intend to purchase a gaming monitor for competitive gaming, then you must consider Twisted Nematic (TN) panel type. 

These are a total win-win with affordable rates and high refresh-rate and response-time. However, if you want better color quality, then in-plane switching (IPS) monitors would do a pretty decent job.

7. Design and style

Even if the technical features make up the best gaming monitor, there’s no denying the fact that aesthetics hold considerable importance for every gamer. A sleek design that pleases the eye of the gamer renders high levels of satisfaction while offering optimal performance and power.


While finding the best gaming monitor, you must pay attention to the resolution, screen size, graphics card, refresh rate and response time, 4K or QHD, panel technology, design, and video inputs.

In order to reach the heights of competitive gaming, you must focus on all the factors before you shop for a gaming monitor. SO this concludes the topic What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor?

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